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Quality is not a tolerance, it is our Standard!
  • Productivity and Advanced Technology
  • At SDS Machining, we bring together Productivity and Advanced Technology to provide our customers with reliable and dependable machining services. Being diversified in all industries including Aerospace, Healthcare and Emerging Technologies, we have become familiar with all material types from plastics to exotics.
  • Fastest Cycle Times and Decreased Price Per Part
  • With the utilization of Mastercam software for CNC programming and job setups, our customers can be assured that we are providing them with the fastest and most consistent cycle times possible for their products. This facilitates decreasing the price per part and increasing our production numbers.
  • In House Services
  • By continually moving forward and expanding our “in house” services, we are able to help our customers complete their entire projects, not just portions of it. Saving customers and their purchasing departments’ valuable time and resources
  • Faro Edge - inspect at your site
  • With the addition of our new Faro Edge, we have the capability to offer in-depth First Article Reports for any part size. SDS has built a reputation for doing large plate work and the Faro Arm is designed for mobility, allowing us to inspect these large items right in the machine at our customers’ site during the manufacturing process.
  • New Liquid Coating Paint Booth
  • In addition to our comprehensive machining and inspection services, SDS now has installed a liquid coating paint booth to serve our customers more fully.
  • Complete Reverse Engineering and Modeling
  • We offer complete reverse engineering and modeling with the use of the 3D scanner. This can assist with design for manufacturability concerns and product development.
For more information, please call: 503-658-1841 or fax: 503-658-1843